In the most ideal setting in the Western Galilee, you will witness all the thought and planning that went into the splendid Japan in the Galilee bed & breakfast suite – not just another Galilee bed & breakfast! The name says it all: it is a Japanese bed & breakfast meticulously and lovingly designed by a Japanese architect.

From the planning stage and throughout its construction, the owners of the bed & breakfast made sure to design every nook and cranny to look luxurious and unique – just like in Japan.

Kioko is the Japanese hostess who immigrated to Israel, converted to Judaism, married Shimon and is now a mother of 4. She lives in Peki’in HaHadasha and she will welcome you with the panache and splendor befitting the Japanese culture and what’s more, will be happy to interest you in Japanese astrology session based on your birth date.

Japan in the Galilee is a bed & breakfast suite designed according to Japan’s various cultures and classes, with an emphasis on the special elements – such as, for example, the Japanese culture of bathing in hot and cold springs. Japan in the Galilee boasts two swimming pools – one heated and the other chilled Japanese-style – and adorned with waterfalls.

The bedrooms feature the motifs of ancient Japanese culture. Japan in the Galilee features 2 bedrooms exiting to a large, joint balcony and offering an atmosphere of peace and tranquility.

As you have surely already noticed, each and every nook of Japan in the Galilee is polished and unique. Even the washroom, the shower and the toilets are separate units, just like in Japan; the shower is more like a ritual bath and the bathrooms approximate what you would find among the upper echelon featuring heating, cooling and drying, and even the hand washing is uniquely Japanese in style.

Japan in the Galilee’s sitting area boasts Japanese floor chairs and the floor is heated in the winter time. There are also massage chairs for relaxation and pampering and a modern, fully equipped Japanese style kitchen.

Japan’s culture is one of discretion; as such, each and every guest at Japan in the Galilee enters through an electric fence and the bed & breakfast is surrounded by a Japanese wall. The wide entrance is adorned with Japanese garden stones and offers disability access. The large courtyard is well tended and manicured like a Japanese garden.

At Japan in the Galilee, you will be pampered Japanese style. During your stay, you will be fitted with a yukata robe that is worn by men and women alike and upon your arrival, you will be given a pair of Japanese slippers, reflecting the warm atmosphere of the Japanese home.

For more treats, there’s always Japan…Japan in the Galilee.

Call Kioko at 054-3303311 for reservations.