In 1938, the situation worsened. A number of Jewish families left at the beginning of the year, and in May, the last six families left.  They lingered for two weeks in Nahariya, and in July were transported to Haifa by the “National Committee.”

Two months later, the families moved to Hadera. During the period of the Arab Revolt, the Jews of Peqi’in would travel to the village from time to time, to work their lands.

Once, when the Toma family came to the village to work their lands, a Druze neighbor, Nuriyya Baqariyya, revealed to them that gangs were approaching the village to kill the Jews. Nuriyya suggested that the family members hide in her home. Members of the gang arrived and pillaged the synagogue and the Tuma family home, vandalizing everything they were unable to take. When another neighbor tattled, revealing that the Jews were hiding at Nuriyya’s house, the gang went and knocked on her door. They looked for the Jews but left almost as soon as they arrived, without discovering the hiding place. After this incident, the Jewish families ceased their visits to Peqi’in.