A review of the list of Jewish residents of Peqi’in in 1922, today preserved in the Zionist archives, reveals that there were 13 families in the village at the time, with many marital ties between them. The families appearing on the list: Avaraham Naqbili, Shlomo Naqbili, Makhlouf Dahan, Yosef Toma, Yosef Toma-Cohen, Shlomo ‘Udi, Yitzhak ‘Udi, Avraham ‘Udi, Rachel ‘Udi (widow), Shaul Zeinati (grandfather of Margalit Zeinati who lives in Peqi’in today), Yosef Zeinati, Eliyahu Mizrahi and Moshe Mizrahi.

In this year, Yitzhak Ben Tzvi wrote a detailed report regarding the situation of the Jewish residents of Peqi’in. He states that the material situation of the farmers in the village is very bad due to the small quantity of agricultural lands in their possession. Only three of them had holdings, stated Ben-Tzvi, a total of 100 dunam of land (approx. 25 acres). He further wrote: “The Jewish community suffers in its communal matters due to its numerical smallness. They have no rabbi and ritual slaughterer, and they do not have meat on every Sabbath.”

In 1924, there were approximately twenty students in the school. On Lag Ba-Omer of that year, Ben-Tzvi visited Peqi’in and the Jews of the place approached him with a request for aid and assistance in establishing a school in the village.