The Great Arab Rebellion was an organized rebellion that broke out in Eretz Israel in 1936, and continued almost consecutively for three years, until 1939. The Arab rebellion included attacks on soldiers, representatives and institutions of the British government, as well as violent terror attacks against the Jews. Jews were shot while working, traveling and hiking, and agricultural crops were burned. These riots were different from those that preceded them in their intensity and in the way they were organized, and also continued for a very long period.

With the eruption of the Arab rebellion in 1936, the Jews of Peqi’in felt that life in the village was not safe, and many sent their children to Haifa, Tiberias and Migdal. That same year, the last teacher, Shlomo Levy, left the village due to fear of the gangs that had filled up the area. No replacement teacher was sent to Peqi’in, and the school was closed.